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Giving Your Loved One a Fitting Tribute

If you require memorials that are supplied with a highly personal service, get in touch with Curtis Ilott Memorials. Following over two decades in the industry, we know what it takes to help people find a memorial that offers the right tribute to a loved one and their life.

As a family-run business that uses the latest computer technology for designs and inscriptions, you can rely on us to listen closely to your needs and produce a memorial of the highest quality. We always let you make the final decision and can even arrange home visits to speak with you about giving your loved one a lasting symbol of remembrance.

Curtis Ilott Memorials takes pride in working to the highest possible standards, so if you require any advice or guidance regarding memorials, don’t hesitate to give us a call.





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 Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait before a memorial can be fixed following an internment?

Rules vary between different churchyards and cemeteries, but as a general rule you may have to wait six months before a memorial can be fixed following a full burial. However, cremation memorials can be fixed immediately after the interment of ashes.

What type of stone is best for a memorial?

Churchyards and cemeteries in the Somerset area require memorials to be made of natural stone. There are five different types of stone that are commonly used for memorials in the UK, with each stone type possessing its own particular characteristics. For more information, see our guide to materials below.

Is there a choice of letter style?

Today, most of the memorial inscriptions produced are cut using a stencil, with over 150 various font styles to choose from. All work is undertaken in our own masonry workshop through the employing of both traditional skills and highly advanced technology to create a bespoke inscription along with a wide variety of designs. Whether you want an angel or a favourite vehicle, we can do it for you, producing a personalised design from your own drawing with our specialist software system. Moreover, Curtis Ilott Memorials offers inscriptions and designs cut with the latest CNC technology.

Is it possible to have a memorial in my own personal design?

Yes. Although we have various designs available, with most already held in stock, our in-house skilled craftsmen can provide a memorial that aligns with your bespoke requirements. Over the years, we have been commissioned to provide many personalised memorials, including personalised inscriptions and designs, someone’s hobby or a favourite pet.

How will the memorial be fixed?

The memorial is normally fixed to the ground by using a reinforced concrete foundation, although a matching foundation can also be supplied if preferred. Headstone memorials are additionally secured by using a N.A.M.M (National Association of Memorial Masons) recognised fixing system.



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Some granite, such as Cornish granite, is still quarried in this country, although most of the granites that we use are imported from other parts of the world such as India and Africa. All granite is imported directly from suppliers in these regions and comes in a variety of colours such as black, grey, red, blue, and many others. Generally, only non-polished granite is permitted in churchyards, although polished granite is permitted in cemeteries.




White marble is probably the most popular material for memorials due to the ease with which it can be carved, along with its natural beauty. The white marble that we use is quarried in Italy and imported to our workshop in Frome. Churchyards do not permit white marble, but the stone can be used in cemeteries.



Some forms of limestone – such as Nabresina, an off-white coloured material with pinkish markings – can be similar in appearance to marble. The limestone is quarried in Italy and imported to our workshop. Portland and Purbeck limestone, however, is quarried in Dorset and comes in a cream-coloured shade. Both churchyards and cemeteries permit the use of limestone.



Yorkshire and Serena are the most commonly used forms of sandstone for traditional memorials in both churchyards and cemeteries.



Welsh slate is also traditionally used for memorials, although there are some alternative slates available if you are looking for a particular strain. Like marble, slate is easy to carve, and is permitted in both churchyards and cemeteries.






Traditional Churchyard Memorials

Churchyards do not permit memorials made of polished materials, while there are also restrictions regarding marble and some colours of granite. Churchyard memorials are normally constructed from natural sandstone, limestone or un-polished granite. This is to ensure that new memorials fixed in the churchyard are in keeping with the existing memorials along with the architecture of the church itself. Sometimes there are also restrictions on particular photo plaques, symbols and designs.

These rules and regulations are administered by the local church diocese, although they can also vary from church to church.
We would advise clients to see what memorials are already within a given churchyard. In some cases, however, the rules may have since changed.

We are always on hand to assist you with these considerations and make enquiries on your behalf to establish what is permitted.





Memorial Costs and Fees

The overall cost of the memorial is determined by three items: the memorial itself; the memorial inscription along with any design work; and the fee payable to the church or cemetery authority. We will take care of all formalities on your behalf.


Memorial Insurance

All of the new memorials that we supply are covered by fully comprehensive insurance for five years, free of charge. You can extend this cover if you wish after this time period has elapsed.

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