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Do you require memorials at an affordable price? If so, don’t hesitate to call Curtis Ilott Memorials. We are a family-run business with 25 years of experience in supplying an extremely personal service at a competitive rate. Making sure that your loved one receives a perfect tribute has been our passion for many years. That is why we always work closely with you to ensure that your demands – however specific or wide-ranging – are always met. We only settle for the highest quality of inscriptions and materials, combining traditional methods with the finest modern technology to produce a fitting memorial for your loved one.

For memorials delivered by compassionate experts, get in touch with Curtis Ilott Memorials.

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The Process

To start, get in contact with us to arrange a visit to our showroom for a viewing of our memorials. You will be able to look at our display of memorials ahead of choosing the material, inscription, shape and design. We will then enter this information into a computer, which adjusts the size and inscription to your exact specifications. The computer software program generates a stencil that is then cut through to produce an inscription for your chosen headstone material.






Inscription Letters

The type of material asked for will determine the inscription letter. Engraved letters, finished with either coloured enamel or gold leaf, serve as the most popular and long-lasting choice, and are suitable to all headstone materials. We also offer inlaid leaded letters, which can be used on white marble or nabresina, while raised leaded letters can be used on granites.

This memorial inscription process is underpinned by our desire to provide clients with a bespoke service. Whether you want something simple or certain traditional hand-cut letters, the combination of our experience and high-tech CNC machines ensures that you receive precisely what you require.

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Our Memorials in Radstock

If you are unable to visit our showroom, we also provide home visits and appointments out of our normal hours. As a family-run business with over three decades of experience in providing funeral and memorial services, we understand that many people would prefer us to visit them at home to discuss memorial requirements and provide a no-obligation quotation.

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Memorial Refurbishment

Curtis Ilott Memorials is available to help with the refurbishment or renovation of existing memorials. Maintaining the quality of the material and inscriptions is a deeply important matter. We have the experience and resources necessary to keep your loved one’s headstone in optimal condition.




If you need any assistance with arranging a funeral memorial, get in touch with Curtis Ilott Memorials for a no-obligation quotation.